REVIVAL is a film that explores the inner emotional struggle of a young female identity through dance movement. It is a journey of breaking free and reconnecting to her self, regaining courage to move on with the daily life.

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Official Selection of 2017 New York Short Film Festival

Taking place in Manhattan, a narrative film about a Japanese college girl Yuri works as a hostess. By walking through the character’s life experience, the film reveals the rules, the complicated relationships, the culture, and the struggles in this underground sex industry. Water Girls indicates the young women who have no direction in their life, they choose to follow the stream like water. As more and more young Japanese women devote their youth doing hostess jobs, this film aims to raise an awareness of young women losing themselves in this industry through two hostess girls’ experience.


Written and Directed by Yun Ye


Full film (Rough Cut) 18:09

Deleted Scene

Theater Stage Performance Rehearsal Trailer



Preview for Hostess in Manhattan